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Our world is full of amazing people from all walks of life, with differing values and norms, backgrounds and identities, locations and languages, beliefs and behaviors. We might all approach life from different perspectives, and with different specific goals, but in the end, we are generally traveling a similar path: We're doing our best to get by, make lives and careers for ourselves, build and sustain families, and leave things better than we found them. 

Along our path, we accumulate all sorts of knowledge and credentials, make all sorts of decisions, and engage in so many events in life that help to set or prove our identity, decide, or determine our health outcomes, access our accounts and finances, and express and secure our personal stories and experiences. 

It can be overwhelming to keep track of all this information yourself on any normal day, but what about in the midst of those significant life events, both expected and unexpected, that we all face? What happens when you -or worse, someone else - needs access to all that knowledge in order to make decisions in a crisis, on the verge of relationship changes, after a job loss, as the result of an accident or injury, amid illnesses, or worst of all, upon death? 

It is important we prepare and plan now, by identifying our most important documents and information, organizing it in a way that is comprehensive and thorough, and safely storing that knowledge so we - or someone we love - can access it when it's time. 


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There's no magic age, no time in life where we collectively get our affairs in order.

The percentage of Americans who consider themselves at least "somewhat" prepared for life's expected and unexpected moments:

Gen Z (1997-2012): 12%

Millennials (1981-1996): 26%

Gen X (1965-1980): 22%

Baby Boomers (1946-1964): 26%

Silent Generation (1928-1945): 28%

Let Document Shield help you identify, organize, and store what you need to be fully prepared for life's expected and unexpected moments.

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